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Partnering With Cash Tech in Your
ATM Venture

Understanding what it takes to be profitable in the ATM industry is actually pretty simple. But having a reliable partner may be a different story. Cash Tech provides channels to wholesale equipment and resources to make sure your ATM venture becomes a lucrative business. Formulating the right plan for your investment takes careful planning. We are more than just an ATM company. We become your business partners.

Our support will help you gain knowledge on the latest ATM technology, what you can expect from your locations, maintenance issues, processing profits, ATM cash management, and building routes that will have you building an ATM empire.

We will have first class support to those that are serious about pursuing a relationship with us in this industry. You can have confidence that your goals are Cash Tech’s priority.

Finding locations is key to building a profitable route. Our staff researches and analyzes each location carefully to ensure that each location returns a good profit.

For those that would like to learn more about this program please contact us to receive your


To get started or for more details Please contact:

Vy Chantharasy
1-866-420-5660 ext.777

Become a Distributor
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Distributor Opportunities &
Independent Sales Agents (ISA)

Looking for a new income stream?

Want to create a recurring revenue?

At Cash Tech we are proud to present a unique opportunity through our ATM sales and leasing distributor program.

With the right partners and extensive knowledge of the ATM industry Cash Tech offers a rewarding opportunity to develop recurring revenue streams. This offers ISAs to not only profit from our direct ATM pricing structure, but drives residual income to secure consistent income.


  • Providing to right tools and marketing programs to our distributors/ISA to penetrate the market
  • Giving our distributors a solid training program, which teaches industry strategies & selling techniques
  • Extensive support through one-on-one mentoring, marketing, and ongoing sales support
  • Continuing education on advanced ATM technology and industry trends
  • Competitive pricing and processing rates
  • Helping build long relationships with new and existing customers to secure your financial future


    Cash Tech partners are well supported by our advanced depth & knowledge of this industry. Along with that we’ll provide you with top notch marketing materials, an internet web presence, marketing lists, and promotional specials to ensure you have the keys to success.


    We are currently recruiting for open territories throughout the U.S. and look forward to building your new career and financial stability.

    To get started or for more details Please contact:

    Vy Chantharasy
    1-866-420-5660 ext.777