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Q: How long is turn around time on ATM deployment?

A: If you are leasing it usually takes 10-15 business days. For cash purchases it usually takes 7-10 businesss days for completion.

Q: Who takes care of the ATM when it goes down?

A: Most issues that occur with the ATM can usually be dealt with over the phone through out technical department. You will need to be onsite to run a diagnostic of the ATM. If the machine needs to be updated or repaired, that is covered in our Worry-Free Warranty Service.

Q: Where does money withdrawn from my ATM go?

A: All withdrawals are directly deposit through ACH to your designated banking account between 24-48hrs.

Q: When do I get my surcharge revenue profits?

A: You can choose to get a daily deposit or a lumped sum deposit on the 10th of every month. This is a direct ACH. Most choose the lumped sum, so they can track their total earned revenue.

Q: How much money do I need to fill the ATM?

A: That actually depends on several factors and how often you plan on filling it. If you have a location with around 200 transactions a month- we recommend about $2,000 of vault cash. This way you will have to only fill the machine maybe once a week or less. The same $2,000 will be recycled for every fill.

How do I monitor my transactions?

A: You will have access via internet through an ATM Web Portal that provides Real-time transactions, terminal history, monthly statements, detailed transaction reporting, and total monthly withdrawals & revenue profits.

Q: What type of ATMs can Cash Tech provide?

A: If there is an ATM out there, we can get it. We prefer machines from these manufacturers: Hyosung, Tranax, and NCR, because of reliability and low maintenance, but it is you choice. We also have counter-tops, in-walls, walk-ups, drive-ups and stand-alone retail ATMs available. Security enclosuresare also provided if needed.

Q: What type of revenue can I expect from my ATM?

A: As rule of thumb the average statistics are between 3%-5% of your foot traffic.