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Cash Tech already serves wide variety of locations including; gas stations, convenience stores, grocery stores, restaurants & bars, nightclubs, check cashing stores, salons, and just about any retail location that warrants an ATM. We make it simple and seamless to finding the right ATM solution for you. Choosing us as your partners means reliability in the equipment we offer, priority to service issues you may have, and affordability to help save on your bottom line. All of our packages include 24/7 Technical Support, Worry-Free Warranties, ATM Web Monitoring, Direct Pricing, and best of all a dedicated representative to handle any issues with your account (processing or maintenance)

Simple Set-up & Installation

We make setting up an ATM for your business as simple as possible. First, we’ll need to find a good spot within the location to place the ATM (usually 2ft x 2ft). Then there will need to be a communication line (telephone or internet) and a power supply (normal 110v) within 6ft of the designated space. The ATM will be shipped directly from our manufacturer. The ATM will arrive 5-7 business days.

Cash Tech will then schedule a technician to install and properly program your new ATM within 24hrs. The ATM is also securely anchored to the ground. The technician will then train all authorized personnel to operate and load the ATM. ATM will need to be filled with Vault Cash (see FAQ page). Now just sit back and enjoy the benefits of your new ATM MONEY MACHINE!

The Best ATM Packages Available include:
*Latest ATM Equipment
*Professional Installation & Set-up
*Merchant Account Set-up
*ATM Programming & Messaging
*ATM Processing Set-up
*Onsite ATM Training
*24/7 Live Technical Support
*Online Web Transaction Reporting
*Worry-Free Warranty (parts & labor)
We’ll match any competitors offer!
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Top Notch

As part of our ATM packages we includes seamless processing. Your ATM processing will be already set-up before your ATM is even installed, so the ATM can begin to make you money from day one. Our processor specializes in ATM transactions and handle all major networks to insure more transactions on your ATM and minimal downtime. This dependable network operates an extensive settlement and automated accounting system that assures prompt, accurate delivery of funds to the owner of the ATM. Our proprietary technology reports and alerts our headquarters of any maintenance or processing issues resulting in better response times and minimal downtime. If your down, we’re down!

All ATM owners will also have their own online ATM monitoring portal (ATM Portal) via internet. Through this secure ATM Portal you will be able to access real-time transactions, manage vault cash, view monthly terminal reports & statements, see detailed data of all your customers transaction, 24 hours, 7 days a week.
You can access this ATM Portal reporting system on our home page through the Online ATM Monitoring link.


This added service will help keep your peace of mind. Cash Tech’s “Worry-Free Warranty” includes monthly health diagnostics of your ATM, Parts & Labor repairs, and 24/7 Technical Support to support minimal downtime. Cost of this service varies by location depending on the number of transactions the location ATM does. The customer will actually pay for the warranty directly from the initial surcharge set on the ATM. So your cost is actually FREE!

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